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Route locations
  • Dubrovnik
  • Mljet
  • Korčula
  • Vis
  • Vinogradišće
  • Hvar
  • Split
Day 1Dubrovnik

The mesmerizing Dubrovnik! Have a walk through the pearl of Adriatic and get lost in the city streets. The old town hides many secrets for those intersted in revealing them. Once a republic now a must see destination. Come and feel the pulse of a town that still lives in some forgotten times and ways.

Day 2Mljet

Island national park with a lake on it containing an island. Sounds confusing? Come and check out one of the prettiest places in the world. Peace and quiet. Just what every person needs once in a while.

Day 3Korčula

Marco Polo would be surprised too see his hometown these days. During the day you admire the architecture, great mix of ancient and modern, but in the evening it comes alive. Restaurants, shops, clubs... everything for everybody.

Day 4Vis

Island Vis was a former military island that has recently been released public for everyone to see it. Town Vis shares the name of the island. Closed for tourists for a long time it offers untouched nature and a lot of historical monuments. It offers a lot of extra activities such as military tour, wine tasting( island Vis like island Hvar is famous for its wine offer), blue cave, green cave, scooter tour and many more.

Day 5Vinogradišće

Chillin on the boat in a beautiful natural bay is something everybody loves. When the night falls the sky becomes full of stars. It s a picture you will remember for the rest of your life.

Day 6Hvar

Island Hvar is voted one of top 10 island destinations in the world. With more than 2800 hours of sunlight per year it is one of the sunniest places in the Mediterannean. The place that everybody wants to see, the place where everybody wants to be. Croatian Ibiza, St. Tropez. Dont be fooled by the peaceful sunny island during the afternoon. Parties, restaurants, lounge bars... everything becomes alive as soon as the sun sets. Party starts at 5 pm. Make sure you do not miss it.

Day 7Split

Split, the second largest city in Croatia, place where live the most beautiful women in the world. Did you know that the dalmatian dog origins from Split? And did you know that Game of thrones is filmed here? Historical city also known as "mediterannean flower" offers a lot of possibilities to those who just want to wander the streets and get lost in time and space. Shops, restaurants, lounge bars, beaches... you name it they ve got it.